First Blog

19 Dec

Not sure if anyone will check this or how often I’ll post but while I’m actually doing something I may as well keep a record of it.

Quick update:

May 08 – Left Melbourne and moved to London  (good move so far)

Jun 08 – spent alot of money, lots of galleries/museums,  made new friends, turned 20, got a job.

Jul 08 – started work at Handle Recruitment, best company ever i dont wan to leave.

Aug 08 – Went to paris –  went to the top of Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, crashed some carnival and got fairy floss, free walking tour,  had a drink with some germans, got lossed, saw arc de triomph, etc.

Sep 08 – Vegan festival, cant remember what else.. might have gone to leeds.

Oct 08 – Francis Bacon exhibition, Went to Berlin with work (aka FREE) – free bar the whole weekend, amazing hotel had the best breakfast ever, bike tour, berlin wall, jewish memorial, lots of history, sweet walk in park, dinner on a cruise down the canal. Germany is goood

Nov 08 – Amsterdam – yuck weed & prostitutes everywhere, bike tour, pretty canals, anne frank house, clog making factory, van gogh museum, long walk in vondel park – also trip up to leeds,  atwell arrives, ice skating at hype park, flight to Barcelona.

Dec 08 – Barcelona – saw a beach again, bus tour, decent weather, cool architecture – valencia – chilled back, walking tour, little spanish kids being amazed to see english speaking people Madrid – average city + spanish history, wicked christmas market, mojitosss! – Day trip to Stonehenge and Bath where jane austen lived 🙂

That brings us about up to date with the present.

I miss home alot and my family/friends but I’ve got alot more to do still while im here, besides im better off alone.

I apologise next blogs will contain photos.



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