Weekend Before Christmas

22 Dec

Thursday night –

Stumbled across this at trafalgar square on my walk home from work so sat for awhile and gave a donation at the end.

carollers - trafalgar square

carollers - trafalgar square


Friday night this film was on tv.

When i can get through watching this film without thinking of a certain boy, i will come home.


Saturday spoke to my sister for a good hour, who informed me my nephew is now toilet trained and wearing little jocks how cute.

Then i got tattooed for a good 2 hours.

getting tattooed

getting tattooed


Got a ~good~ photo of it just after it was done so its all icky and shiny, but you get the picture kind of.

new ink

new ink


Sunday was spent talking to my parents, watching Freeview (the greatest thing in the world) and lazing about.

Today (Monday) – i booked my flight to Zurich for next month & am really siked for this show:



The End.


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