12 Jan

Slight delay in this post which will be about my trip to Scotland from 27th of December to 3rd January.

Arrived in Glasgow – pretty cool city, not to big/not too much to do. came across this frozen lake, hung out in a mall, tried to keep breathing, etc.



Next day i did a tour of the Highlands. It was visually spectacular, massive mountains covered in snow, huge locks, highland cows, etc. I did a cruise of Lock Ness but no sightings of the monster. The town called Fort William was sweet, everything was covered in snow and I’m pretty sure i almost lost a toe to frostbite or something.

Lock Lomond











but its coldd


cruising lock ness


Next day saw the sights of Glasgow, ended up strolling around a graveyard for abit and then headed to Edinburgh.

Here i did a free tour, had a nice lunch including my first taste of IRN BRU soft drink, checked out some art, did some shopping and then met up with Atwell for Hogmanay festival 08/09.




The festival was packed despite the -8 degree weather, the que for the toilets were insane, lazer show was alright and watching fireworks over Edinburgh Castle was amazing 🙂





Next day me and Atwell saw the sights, spent a good hour searching a graveyard for the Tom Riddle grave that inspired J. K Rowling’s voldemort, went on a sweet ride at the festival, i got fairy floss then we had dinner (i had vegan haggis in a roast tattie) , afew drinks and said our goodbyes.

Adam Watter

Adam Watter


Adam Watter is an absolute legend (Y)

Next day i went into Edinburgh Castle, had an amazing kiwi mango cake, got some souvenirs and said goodbye to Scotland.


On my last weekend living in London that just passed I got a blood test, had an amazing hot chocolate, went to afew places, showed people my room, got someone to rent my room, finally went to speakers corner which was highly entertaining watching some old english lady tell this norwegian shes pretty much a viking and is here to take over england and slightly recovered from my cold.

Got lots of shit coming up so will post more often.. maybe.


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