Leeds, West Yorkshire

26 Feb

Last week or so has been amazing, I love being unemployed but am getting abit worried cause there aren’t many jobs around in Leeds and I’m too picky. Hopefully something comes up soon though.

our house

our house

lounge room

lounge room

The boys had to work on the weekend so me, Hannah and Christina went to the leisure centre nearby to play Badminton. The place was full of chavs but we had fun and classed it as exercise  so will probably go back again and try squash or something.


Badminton Team

 Sunday afternoon we headed into the city, i got a new wardrobe from Argos then we sat in Waterstones for abit drinking coffee and reading up on future travels.

This was my breakfast for Pancake Tuesday.

Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday

That night we went to Skob’s uncles and had more pancakes, I was feeling pretty ill by the end of the day.

This lent I’m giving up caffeine and alcohol. 40 days without coke or coffee will be hard for me, especially if i get a job and actually need to be alert.

Went into the city on Tuesday aswell and decided Leeds isn’t that bad compared to London! Found crash records which I’ll be buying afew cds from once I have money, found afew shops that stock vegan food too also this in a run down Arcade which I thought was cool.

Leeds Grand Arcade

Leeds Grand Arcade


Quick review of some of the films I’ve watched over the last week or so:

My best friends girl: fairly lame, basic storyline, made me laugh now and again. 3/5

Vicky Christina Barcelona: made me remember how good Spain was. Quirky film, slow story.. 3/5

Pride and Glory: Not even edward norton saved the film. average rat in the nypd movie. very slow till the last half hour. 2/5

Seven pounds: pretty weird film, kind of boring at times. 3/5

Slumdog Millionaire: this film has too much hype now. It is good though and makes me want to go to India. 4/5

Defiance: Really liked it, good actors, good topic 5/5

Madagascar 2: made me laugh alot 4/5

Changeling: most of this film i was bored, Angelina should stick to tomb raider like roles. 3/5

Revolutionary Road: pretty sad movie, not what i like to watch 3/5

Benjamin Button: Decent movie, brad pitt rules 5/5

Step Brothers: made me laugh but also relise Will Ferrell makes the same jokes, plays and same characters and has made way too many movies in the past few years. 4/5

Tropic Thunder: Good for a laugh 4/5

Milk: there was alot more gayness than i was expecting, dragged out abit but was pretty good 3/5

Gran Torino: Amazing, Clint Eastwood is the best. Had afew laughs then the film took a serious turn but its goood 5/5

Now I’m off to watch another film 🙂


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