8 Mar

If you’re in another time.

A different place.

A different season.

Surrounded by different people.

Are you still the same person?

Some days I’m just not sure…


Still no luck finding work, things haven’t been going too well lately. I need to buy myΒ flight home but don’t know what date to pick because other peoples plans keep changing. The tour of egypt I want to do is booked out for the next 4 months or so, lame.

Last sunday Cass’s brother arrived here from Melbourne, his staying for 6 weeks. Last Friday Hannah quit work, and this Friday coming is Skobs last day. So there will then be 4 unemployed people living here and 2 with jobs. I found a keyboard in the garage and suggested we start up a band and start busking, cause there isn’t many other options right now and I need money for travelling/getting home desperately. Shouldn’t have spent so much money at Topshop during the week!

Turns out we have to move out of here by the end of April so I have a month and a half of travelling/sleeping on peoples couches to do before finally getting home. Hope it all works out, theses things tend to for me luckily and I have no idea how or why.

Next post will have pictures.



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