13 Mar
Well right now I’m abit lost, I need to make decisions and I’m constantly changing my mind about them. Need to pick which University I want to study at mid year, which date to fly home, when to go to egypt, where to live in the mean time, how to make some money and where I want to/can go in Europe on my last trip. It’s doing my head in.
Also I now know why going without caffeine for lent is so hard for me, I’ve relised with my shitty sleeping patterns that without caffeine I never really feel awake. Like even if I’ve had 10 hours sleep all day my mind is still dreaming, I’m looking forward to getting a Coke after Easter alot!
So Monday night I went to this show:
Show at Rios

Show at Rios

Fairly poor turn out but I enjoyed it, talked to afew of the boys from Lionheart about the touring life and they said they’ll be in Melbourne later this year hopefully.
My recent obsessions are:
Bourbon Creams

Bourbon Creams

 and new Skins.

Season 3

Season 3

I finished Sense and Sensibility this week and so this is my new book:

Hunting and Gathering

Hunting and Gathering

It was made into a film starring Audrey Tautou so It’ll be sweet to watch that once I’ve read it all.

Also this photo was taken over a month ago but god my hair is long now!



10 months without a haircut! Keen on cutting it all off and going blonde when I get home, which is sooner than you may think…


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