Josephs Well

16 Apr

Easter weekend was pretty eventful in our house. We had all Liam’s family over for a BBQ. Also Liam and Christina got me vegan chocolate so I didn’t miss out on the fun 🙂

Tuesday night was this.



I’m an idiot and rocked up to the wrong venue, paid entry then quickly relised I was in the wrong place. I’ve never been to a show at Josephs Well so I was pretty much running around Leeds looking for it then just followed some dudes who looked like they knew what was up.
Supports were pretty good. Old straight edge dudes (45+) still playing in a band and being into hardcore makes me happy :). Huge turnout for a Tuesday night in Leeds.
50 Lions were amazing, pretty sure most of the crowd was there just for them.
Reign Supreme were perfect, just didn’t play for very long.
After the show I had a chat to Oscar and Baina about Melbourne, it was good to be updated on whats going on there.
Pretty pissed they can’t find an all ages venue for Her Nightmares last show. Really hope I get to see them play again.
Then I ran to the other side of the city and just made the last bus home 23:15.
In other news:
Seinfeld is seriously the best.
I am shit at BUZZ on PS2.
Brand New are good to try and fall asleep to.
Forever the Sickest Kids make me dance around the house crazily.
Boys are already confusing me and I’m not even home yet.
I have some amazing friends back in Melbourne that I can’t wait to see.
Videos from the show:

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