Melbourne Life

7 Sep

So the whole Uni mid year thing didn’t happen. I screwed up my application but still plan to study Accounting one day.

Have been temping on and off since I got back at Computershare, It’s a pretty sweet company and I like being distracted all day/feeling busy and the moneys good $$.

Me and my kitten  Binx have been bonding since I got him.


Next week he is being de-sexed cause his been an absolute psycho the last few weeks and cuts me up everyday.

I went to my nephews swimming lessons afew weeks back cause he was asking his mum for me to come watch. His kind of scared of the water but then gets over it haha.


Me and Emily went iceskating at Docklands recently and killed it. We were overlapping everyone except the few pros in the middle of the rink. Oh and I had my first experience at San Churro, should have taken a photo, it was amazing.




Just had a fairly boring weekend. Saturday we went out for dinner for my aunties birthday, mum was trying to set me up with our waiter, very embarrassing.

We then played Wii and drank daiquiris.

Sunday we visited alot of pelicans near my aunties place in Hastings.


They were massive and Aaron was scared shitless.



Siked for: Moving out before the end of the year, afew good shows coming up, my sisters wedding in November, Summer (very odd considering I hate hot weather but it’s been so long I guess I’ve forgotten how bad it is), buying a new bike, rock climbing with Emily this weekend and lots of books I’m going to buy off the internet.

Things are slowly getting better but everyday I remember something so great about Europe/England and I miss how great my life was.


3 Responses to “Melbourne Life”

  1. expandyourhorizons September 16, 2009 at 5:34 am #

    what happened? i thought you made it:S

  2. heartlesscina September 17, 2009 at 9:48 pm #

    Into uni? I didn’t apply properly, will be starting next year hopefully 🙂

  3. expandyourhorizons January 19, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    Cina! you should start posting again! this week I’ve had the feeling that I should express everything I’ve been feeling lately…I hope I’ve given you the mood for blogging again…

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