14th November 2009

26 Nov

On this day my sister got married.

The day started off pretty stressful, we got our hair done at the hairdressers, makeup at home and quickly got dressed and packed a bag for staying at the receptions hotel rooms. We made it to the church 25mins late, poor Phil waiting at the altar!

The ceremony was quick and went well. Kylie was scared there was going to be no music while walking down the aisle but it worked out fine. Phil mixed up his words and said ‘I will take you for granted’ instead of will not haha.

It was good to see everyone there, some I hadn’t seen in years. We had photos taken and then took the limo to the reception in mt. eliza. It was really cute, abit hot but it cooled down later on. Kylie cried during my speech so that was a success and then the bridal party dance was hillarious.

I actually took like 2 photos on the day but here are other peoples.

I hate not being in control of my own life. If I get into uni next year then I will move out into the city with Binx and hopefully be happier than I am now. I’ve decided if I don’t get in I’ll be moving back to London for the remainder of my visa then will travel europe during the summer and either come home or get a working visa for Germany so I can live there for awhile.

To be honest I’m kind of hoping I don’t get in so I can escape this place again. But I really want that Accounting degree and once I have it I will find a way to work in whatever country I want.

I just hate Australia and not just the majority of people in it, the actual place. I hate hot weather, that the grass is yellow, the dirt is red, all the stupid laws and most of all the isolation.

Can’t wait to live here:

Cologne, GERMANY

And go to Japan for a holiday, I would love to soak in not only the sights but the culture, like stay with a family and sit on the floor drinking green tea not wearing shoes.


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