Christmas 2009

19 Dec

About 2 weeks ago instead of going to a 21st in the city I opted to go to Christmas Carols in Geelong with my parents and my aunty.

It was a pretty good night, most hillarious part was when the lady singing Santa claus is coming to town forgot the words! And not just a word or two, a full verse.

The fireworks were really great over the bay, and reminded me how much I love them.

Again i missed out on putting up the christmas tree but at least this year I have one. I will be spending it with family in NSW. It’s so odd thatΒ this year it will be like 35 degrees, everyone having BBQ’s, drinking beer, wearing singlet and shorts as opposed to last year when it was below 5 degrees, probably rained, i spent it completely alone in my room rugged up listening to mariah careys christmas album and watching freeview.

Binx loves climbing the tree and destroying the decorations.

What I would like for Christmas:

A bicycle similar to this one

Tiffany Atlas pendent and chain

The books I have ordered at Angus and Robertson and all the ones on my list.

500 days of summer on dvd

And a nice suprise from someone unexpected

At this stage being completely broke and having no friends, pretty sure I’ll be spending New Years Eve at home with my kitten.

Hope 2010 is alot better than this year. Well the second half of this year anyway, first half ruled!


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