Wuthering Heights

19 Dec

Currently reading this book after watching the tv mini series or whatever earlier this year. Was hoping it would teach me what love is, cause I still have no idea… I guess it has in some way.. apparently love drives you crazy, is worth dying for, is impossible, makes life unbearable, etc.

Happy with my decision to never experience what loving someone feels like.

There is a painting located in the National Gallery in London that completely captured me everytime I saw it. It was/is located in room 32 – 17th century paintings from Italy. At least once a month i would find myself entering the gallery and walking directly just to this painting and standing in front of it for a minimum of 10 minutes thinking way too much about its history and how amazing art is to me. The belowΒ picture does not do it justice, the colours are just so bold in real life. Am looking forward to seeing in again in the future.

Virgin in Prayer - Sassoferrato

So about 3 days after the wedding i cut all my hair off. It was donated to the Royal Childrens Hospital which makes me happy that someone else is enjoying it now.

I went to Bendigo recently to visit a friend of mine. We spent the day playing frizbee, having a picnic, playing uno and mini golf.

Last weekend we had a road trip to Shepparton (where i was born back in 88) for Angelas 2st. I made a joint speech with Renee (slowly getting over my fear of public speaking, although still get the shakes bad) and that went well.


One Response to “Wuthering Heights”

  1. Amanojaku January 1, 2010 at 11:13 am #

    Love is just a chemical.


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