9 Jan

is killing me!!

Almost half way through the hardest season for me and so far I’ve thrown up on 2 different occasions and passed out due to heatstroke maybe 3 or 4 times.

This is normal for me, during year 10 on our Kakadu trip with school I had a blood nose several times everyday which included these massive blood clots that I could feel in my throat. I even got one while climbing back down Airs Rock. While working during summer I took about 5 days off at least due to fainting on the train while going in to work.

This summer is hitting hard due to it being the first one I’ve seen in about 16 months. Although it is good to be getting abit of colour on my skin.

Still not sure why the heat affects me so badly, I’ve recently discovered that I have low blood pressure which may have something to do with it.

Can’t wait to be able to wear jeans, hoodie and a beanie… grey skies and rain make me happy.

Also feeling so posi about 2010 already. I’ve been catching up with people who mean alot to me, I start my new job this coming Monday and find out about uni next week, which even if i don’t get in I can start planning what to do and where to go.

Oh and I was right, I did end up spending NYE at home alone with my kitten haha.


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