Thank you for reminding me why I avoid places like this and people like you.

24 Jan

Lately I’m pretty much fed up with 90% of people and the way they behave. In particular alcohol consumption and how this severely alters ones mind and behavior.

I have not had a drink this year yet and don’t plan on having one for quite awhile longer. What annoys me is how you spend $50-150 a week on booze butΒ don’t have money for a show/new clothes/to save for a holiday. You hang around the same dull people every weekend at the same places and I can’t help but wonder if you’re asking youself ‘is this it?’ I assure you it’s not,Β Β there is much more to life then sitting around listening to their bullshit.

Next subject, drugs. The amount of people these days that are on drugs is ridiculous. No you’re not cool and I seriously hope you all overdose and die soon. The world would be better off without you in it.

Then there’s people who think it’s cool to drink drive and/or speed. Both of these things are just asking for trouble and the only sad part is that if you were to crash it’s not just you involved but other innocent victims.

I’m just really sick of high school drama and this stupid small town where everyone knows everything about everyone.

You may think I’m boring and sad for spending my time reading, watching movies, or just being at home alone but I would rather be doing these things than being out at some awful club surrounded by people who have no clue.

Don’t get me wrong there are lots of places and people that make me happy, I’ve just had it with those that don’t.

So as I said, Thank you.


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