I’m rising from the depths of my own hell, I don’t need another tragic tale, I need the strength to walk the other way

26 Mar

So I’ve been in a permanent state of misery for the past month or so and I’ve decided to make an effort to change this.

Starting with focusing on the positives in my life:

I’m on the path to gaining my degree in Commerce and so far am loving the course content.

My credit card application was recently approved

My bank account is growing every fortnight.

My job is interesting, challenging at times, busy and exactly suited for someone like me.

This year I will be travelling to Japan

I am learning German

My kitten (almost a cat now) makes me smile

I’ll be spending Easter with my nephew at my sisters and also at my aunties.

I don’t have someone special in my life but thats better than having someone who lies, cheats and treats me like shit.

Good music, movies, books and shows to keep me sane

I have my health and faith.

Haven’t hung out with a friend in over 3 weeks now, really need to meet some new decent people who have something in common with me.

Probably need to get out of the house more and stop thinking that a dreamy catholic, vegan, straight edge, NICE guy will show up on my doorstep… but I really wish he would.


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