Home is Nowhere

24 Apr

Last weekend I had my first attempt at cooking vegan choc chip cookies.

They turned out abit oily and slightly burnt but they were still amazing, i love cookies.


Actually getting some of my uni assignments done and am feeling ok, only 1 month left of semester.

Around exam time I will probably do my usual thing of freaking out and being majorly stressed.

Am looking forward to getting out of melbourne for afew days while on holidays.

Also siked for Japan later this year and really hope my exchange to America next year is approved.

Currently reading this book:

I got it at a second hand bookstore in Brighton for 2 pounds, it was published in 1961 and i only read it at home in bed because I don’t want it falling apart in my bag while running for a tram or something.

Also I try to mix up the style/time periodย of books I read after years ago reading afew Jane Austen novels one after anotherย then getting them all confused.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you, that no one means anything to me.


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