24 Jun

Yesterday was my birthday and I’m describing being 22 as ‘a whole year more bitter than I was at 21’.

I woke up to afew birthday cards with cash in them.

Did not see 1 ‘friend’, receive 1 hug or have any cake. Basically spent the day with Binx hating life.

I’ve been on Uni holidays for 2 weeks and now that I have alot of time to actually have fun and hang out with friends I’ve relised how very few people I have to hang out with or could actuallyΒ call a friend.

Kind of wishing I wasΒ still at uni so I would have something to distract me from how meaningless andΒ dull my life is. But I have another 5 weeks off.

I miss being in Europe where every day was special and there were so many possibilities.

The only thing I know that will make things better is being far away from this hell I’ve created for myself.


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