16 Jul
  • Caitlin got back from Canada so I’ve seen her afair bit
  • We enjoy mi goreng and tea 🙂
  • Me and Alycia made cupcakes & had a Mary-kate and Ashley day
  • Have eaten at EBC, Enlightened and Veg Out Time
  • I’d rather be giggin’ tour and Carpathian at next
  • Got my uni results back and am really pleased with them (1 step closer to UMass, Boston 2011)
  • Purchased a bike off ebay
  • Have been watching Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls
  • Have been reading Saving Grace
  • Learning German
  • Payrise at work
  • Aaron’s 5th birthday
  • Mini golf with Em
  • Eating porridge with maple syrup
  • ASOS and eBay


Em's a pro

my shark buddy
too good

Have spent most of my time off alone, thinking too much about how shitty things are being unsure of how to improve them.


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