4 Sep

Currently in Week 5 at uni, almost half way through this semester and it’s going pretty well.

I am loving being busy and challenged, but not enjoying the stress and sleeplessness.

Along with uni, work is another large part of my reality.

 View from the work balcony.


600 collins st.
people watching on my dinner break

I escape my reality by reading. After saving Grace I read:

 Which was a really good read and I could relate to it more than I would have liked. Next up was:

 I didn’t really like it and don’t understand how it is a love story at all. They lady Gatsby’s in love with is married with children yet has an affair with him and her husband is also having a long-term affair with another lady who is married. Absolutely nothing to do with love!

I am now reading:

And so far it’s amazing, hard to put down and it is interesting to read about a lifestyle very different to mine.

I have a few things to look forward to, mainly getting out of Melbourne…

‘You Aren’t Even a Memory’


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