Life At Present

8 May

Is terrible and has been for the last month or so. Basically everything good in my life has slowly been slipping away and now I’m left with nothing. A few things include bands that I enjoy (e.g. Carpathian), R.M moving away to SA, the Arthouse closing down and so many friends that have just disappeared for some reason or another.

Uni this semester has been very challenging and I’m sure I won’t be getting really good results like last years. I have 2 weeks left of classes, then 4 3 hour exams and I will officially be half way through my course. The only thing that gets me through the day is hope that my exchange will be approved and I will be moving to Boston this August to study for 1 semester. I really need to get away. But I hate the fact that this is out of my control and I can’t make any moves until I receive this email saying I’ve been accepted.

It’s strange looking at photos from Japan knowing it was only 5-6 months ago and how completely happy I was then and there. How the hell did I get back to living in this Hell? Maybe I should stop listening to Joy Division everyday? It’s so hard to wake up in the morning when even my nightmares are better than reality.

Here’s photos so far from 2011.

Pizza with Richard back in January
at Fashion with Emily
In Fitzroy after Trippy Taco
Hanging Rock
Good View
Picnic Lunch with Dylan
Port Melbourne Beach Hangs
Emily Turns 21.
Uni Life. Homework in bed with Binx.
Aaron and his drawing.
FAMILY. Lucas’s Christening.

My baby nephew’s Christening was in March and I am his god mother.  The first few months of his life he was very hard to please, never really smiled or laughed.. but now his showing alot more personality and he recognises me now.

Aaron started primary school this year, I walked him to class on his 3rd day and he showed me where his bag goes and where he sits. This kid means everything to me.

Binxy goes outside now!
Goodbye to the Arthouse
Best Venue in Melbourne.
Middle of Nowhere with a Slurpee
My dog Melba after the groomers.
Last Arthouse shows I attended.
Jack, of Arthouse fame.
Benjamin Franklin – Keeping the dream alive.

These are the books I’ve read recently. Wasn’t much of a fan of Lolita, it was just kind of disturbing and hard for me to get into. After you’d Gone however was amazing, I just could not put it down. It was about a complicated family, falling in love and how it is all hard to deal with. Highly recommended. Currently I’m reading the Lost Traveller, It’s not that exciting… but I can relate to the religious aspect of the novel.

the Zombie Girl with the Pearl Earring
At Least He Loves Me, Most Of The Time…

And yes this year I made the transition back to being a blonde. Will try to update more regularly and not to vent too much!

Here is footage from my last ever show at the Arthouse, it was a good way to go out with MINDSNARE!!!


And here is a short footage from the Shot Point Blank Reunion show at the Arthouse in March. I have missed this band so much over the years so it was amazing to see them play again!

This is what I live for:


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