Clean Living

15 May

It has now been over 7 months since I last drank any alcohol and I’m still really enjoying being in one state of mind 24/7.

Reasons for this are having quite a few good friends that are straight edge, the realisation that I have so much more fun when just hanging out going for a skate, dinner, movies, bowling etc. rather than being in some awful club or standing out the front of one freezing with no way of getting home also I’m saving lots of money. Maybe I just grew out of it all, but that last night I drank was ok until I got out of control and just said things that I normally would not say. I am still so ashamed/embarrassed about who I was that night. Obviously the music I listen to and trying to get some PMA happening is a big reason too.

I’m pretty sure one day I will drink again but right now I feel good. I think a lot of people drink as a coping mechanism for their lives, like as soon as they get home from a hard day at work they feel that somehow a few beers/wines will make it all better. It doesn’t, it just helps you forget for a few hours while harming your body/mind at the same time. There are other ways to deal with things and this is what I’m still working on personally.

Even though I’m still feeling like shit majority of the time due to having a cold, stress, exhaustion, sleepless nights, being unable to control my life… I know that alcohol wouldn’t make things any better.


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