UMass Boston

2 Oct

This is where I live, it's nothing special.

The T. Attention passengers the next red line train to Alewife is now approaching.

Campus Center.

"The Catwalk" connecting all the buildings on campus.

one of the many car parks.

flyers/McCormack Building

Beacon Fitness Center a.k.a Free Gym

these chair/desks are awfully uncomfortable and I haven't seen a black/chalk board in a classroom since I was 12.

School Paper

This is my University 🙂

I’ve been studying for 4 weeks now and it’s taken awhile to get used to classes. There are no big lectures and separate small tutes, it’s just 3 hours of class for each subject where you learn very little and it’s expected you teach yourself in your own time. They’re also really big on students contributing to class and speaking up whereas I’m used to more of a ‘sit down and shut up’ approach.


I am studying Strategic Management, Business Ethics, American History before 1877 and German101.Really enjoying all of them.


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