Gotham City: Take 2

27 Oct

Last night I got home from my second trip to the big apple. Last time I was there it was summer, still really hot and Hurricane Irene hit causing public transportation to shut down for like 2 days and so I was stuck in my hotel lobby bored. This time it was fall and I got to catch up with some amazing friends from Melbourne.

Times Square is still busy.

Protein Quesadilla @ Loving Hut

The Ball. 2011.

Ice Skating at Rockefeller Plaza



Central Park Zoo.

Cute little Red Panda.

coolest polar bear ever. Swimming time.


he got sleepy.


 Central Park was so beautiful during Fall.

Soy dog in a flour tortilla. Whatever, I just wanted to buy something off a cart.

Had so much fun climbing around these rocks in Central Park.


Viva Herbal Pizzeria was amazing.


Union Square. Chess.

Babycakes. This doughnut looks terrible and this place was a rip.

No 13th floor. Superstitious Americans.


The Apartment.

I’ve never had any interest in going to Madame Tussauds and paying to see fake people, but we decided to do it anyway. It was pretty good.

Oh Edward.

Me and the Cage



  I stayed with Laura and Jess who had just flown in from Melbourne. We met up with Fran, Mitch and Meg who had flown in from Mexico. I hadn’t seen them since they left Australia for a big adventure in March. Since then they have been hiking, surfing, riding in sand dunes and just being amazing mostly in South America.      Eating at Hooters.


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