Taking the bad with the good.

5 Nov

It sucks when the people I think about everyday don’t even miss me, make no effort or make empty promises.

This is why everything will be different when I am back in Melbourne, because why would I want to hang out with people like you. DEAD TO ME.

I miss: family, drinking tea outside with Binx/Binx in general, my skateboard, my old routine that I will never have again, some friends, having a support network, yummy/healthy food that I can’t find here and feeling safe.

I’ve been gone for 3 months now so am half way through my journey. As always I’ve learnt so much, gained some great life experience and I feel like this is something I needed to do. I wonder if this feeling of always wanting to escape will ever leave me so I can settle down somewhere to create something real and not just temporary. This is a big reason I’ve been single for however many years… right now I could never pick a relationship over living my life exactly the way I want. And if that’s selfish, then that’s what I am. But I’d also do absolutely anything for my true friends and hate seeing them down. I value loyalty, honesty, intelligence and PMA.

Now for the good:

This is my city now.

Cheers for the sick bag. I almost had to use it a couple of times.

Emilie drinking ginger ale. Bumpiest cruise ever.

Skype with my sister and baby nephew who turned 1 about a week ago.

Living with pot heads sucks but living with this puppy is alright.

Logan aka Wolverine.

Soda. Paying $4.25 for 12 cans of Dr.P rather than $20+ in Melbourne is good.

IΒ am so lucky that they are doing a reunion show in Boston during the 4 months that I am living here. Also amazed that I was able to get a ticket, it was an intense 30 minutes for me! I love having things like this to look forward to.


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