Random things about the United States

8 Nov
This is a list of my thoughts on life in America that I will probably add to in the future:
  • A lot of people use the word ‘like’ a ridiculous amount of times in any given sentence (and I thought I was bad)
  • Packets of food are always really hard to open (scissors needed!)
  • Dorchester, South Boston (where I live) isn’t as dangerous as people say (I’m still alive!)
  • People don’t have/use kettles (it’s annoying)
  • Dane Cook is actually pretty funny (who would’ve thought)
  • The coffee isn’t as bad as people told me it would be (maybe I’ve been here so long that I’ve adjusted to love it)
  • My American teachers do actually say “mkay” often like Mr. Mackey from South Park.
  • The benefit of not owning/having access to an iron is no ironing, downside is wrinkly shirts
  • So much The North Face it’s not even funny
  • I’ve become one of those girls that drink beer (never thought this would happen)
  • Uni is so much easier here than in Melbourne, I seriously feel like I’m on vacation for 6 months.
  • People get to class like 10-15 minutes early (why?)
  • Boston weather is very similar to Melbourne, always changing
  • No one has ever heard my name before, no one can pronounce it or remember it

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