24 Nov
  • So today i skipped class and spent the majority of my day in bed with my Mac.

please make me feel better.

  • I’m impressed that this is the first time I’ve been sick in about 3-4 months. I remember semester 1 of this year i had about 4 colds from running myself into the ground. Next year I’m going to work less while at uni so I don’t stress out as much as I usually do.
  • When the exchange rate is below even with the USD I really need to stop buying shit… please go back up to $1.10! Is it weird that I check the exchange rate every morning? Probably…

  • Pretty sure the below image is my future and I’m totally ok with that.

  • Β I ❀ Wheels & Dollbaby, it always makes a girl/me feel sexy.


  • I am really looking forward to working full time again in 1 year, then I will be able to afford this dress and save for a trip/relocation to Europe in 2013.
  • Slowly booking everything for my January trip. Will need to invest in some winter attire ASAP. So psyched for Vegas and I can’t wait to make my second ever snow angel. Will most likely be able to do this in Boston within a few weeks.
  • I’ve decided against celebrating NYE in Times Square because I hate crowds and don’t think I could handle waiting around for 6+ hours for a ball to drop. But I will be there for Christmas and plan on iceskating in central park and buying something from Tiffanys πŸ™‚
  • Living The Dream!

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