Möge die Macht mit dir sein

14 Dec

Last week at UMASS, Boston.

German 101 – Dull class. My teacher who is German always ends up quoting Star Wars to us in German, which is pretty cool.

MGT490 – This Wednesday night 3 hour class is boring but brings the laughs. Us Business students DO have a sense of humor.

HIST265 – Interesting lectures, currently learning about the Civil War. I don’t think American History is going to come in handy as a professional Accountant but it sure is great to know all this!

MGT 331 – My favorite subject. It has been so interesting learning about: Utilitarianism, Consequentialism, Jeremy Bentham, Ethical Relativism, Deontology, Immanuel Kant, Rights theories, Teleology, Aristotle, Plato, Adam Smith, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Socialism, Communism, Virtue Ethics, Karl Marx, Capitalism, Marxism and we are now learning about the environment. Philosophy is so great and it’s awesome learning about why I act in certain ways and how I come to make moral decisions. It also helps that my professor is a total fox even though his old enough to be my father. American, Ex-military, personal trainer… enough said. We spent the majority of 1 class talking about the Lord of the Rings and how it is loosely based on Plato’s ring of Gyges. Except today in our final class he made us watch a whole song from Glee, it was excruciating.

My locker

This is where I buy my Kawfeeee, McCormack Building (Y)


Jumping off this diving board was fun.

We have an ice skating rink.




Unemployed college student = Ramen Noodle Life.

Sometimes you just need a block of (vegan) chocolate at the end of a shit day.

Comparison of my universities:

  • ACU semester is 12 weeks with a 1 week break. UMB is 15 weeks and no break (1 day off for public holidays here and there)
  • ACU = 4 three hour exams worth at least 50%. UMB 1 two hour exam worth 25%
  • ACU 3-4 hours per subject a week. UMB 2&1/2-3 hours per subject a week.
  • ACU minimum of 4 oral presentations per semester. At UMB I have 2.So clearly university here has been a lot easier, and they also have so many facilities like the free gym, pool, a cafeteria with a Burger King and just a lot more social activities. It’s been a really exciting semester and after my American History exam next week I am a free women until around February 21st.

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