Airport WiFi is decent.

14 Jan

My grades: Pretty happy with them considering I didn’t study half as much as i usually do and my transcript for ACU is only going to say PASS/Credit Granted.

MGT490 - UMB Fall 2011

 The internet in 2003. I remember my best friend Angela putting this on urban dictionary during an I.T class or something back in year 9.

This is what I've been dealing with. Harshest winter of my life.

Boston 12-29-11, an unforgettable night, so glad to be a part of it!

I’m up the back somewhere psyched on life, screaming every word, getting shoved around, covered in sweat and trying not to die. I made a new friend at the show and ran into an old one from TIH. Post show hangouts at Wendys parking lot with Nick, Meaty Ray, KevinxHarrington and co. was a good end to the night.

My view of the show. Sucks that there was like 1000 people on the stage.

reunion merch 🙂

Bummed the Carrier are breaking up but psyched I got to see them in London 2009 with Killing the Dream and More Than Life and also in Boston 2011 with Earth Crisis and Death Threat.

Pool shark in Montreal.

Skyping with my nephew while in Starbucks.


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