18 Jan

Yonge St.

Casa Loma aka Xavier's School for Mutants!

Dundas sq.

Johnny Rockets Feed.

❀ Toronto, CN Tower

with the Stanley Cup. Hockey Hall of Fame

Niagara Falls πŸ™‚

Perfect Rainbow ❀

Birds eye view from the Skylon

The American side

Dinosaur mini golf! Wish it wasn't closed over winter 😦

Getting saturated at the Canadian Falls

snowing in the city

escaping the snow with my coffee

Root Beer and Vegan Nachos @ Hot Beans

It was so strange but as soon as I arrived in Toronto I felt like I knew the city already. Had a great time there and am seriously thinking about getting a Canadian working visa and living in Toronto. I feel like an idiot for ever thinking that Canada and America were basically the same place. The only sucky thing is the high taxes!


> This is what I’ve done/am doing in my 6 months abroad. ‘P’ is also my ‘A’. I’ve explored more of the East coast because I had already done a lot of the West coast in 2000. Only 2 weeks left, I could be freaking out about returning to Melbourne and starting all over but I’m just enjoying each day for what it is and am feeling so grateful for everything I have.


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