This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.

15 Mar

Forever in my ❤

Keen for this.

Wooooaaahhh Neville! But Tom Felton is still my guy.


LOVE MY VEGAN LIFE. 4 years and still going strong.


I’ve recently started to make some changes in my life in hopes to lead a more positive and healthy lifestyle. This includes improving my diet, exercising more often, yoga, pilates and taking better care of my mental state. Stressing less about uni/the future, accepting that people are not perfect and I should just continue living my life without them the best I can, focusing on my own goals and creating a positive future for myself.

Things in Melbourne fell into place quite smoothly. This semester doesn’t appear to be too hectic, I’m organizing my volunteering which I will start in a month or 2 and I found a great part time job as an accounts assistant. Soon I will be moving out of my parents house, which will improve life so much. I want to be able to ride my bike to uni and catch up with friends more often. Nothing can stop me now.


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