I’m not in Love

27 Mar
This is my city.

This is my city.

Miniture village


the fairy tree, fitzroy gardens

coffee with renee

captain cook's cottage


Lunch with Rici @ vegie bar

Things are pretty weird at the moment. I’m enjoying my new job but it’s so annoying starting out somewhere and not knowing anything about the organization. I have to ask a question every 5 minutes.

I also need to find the time to apply for some graduate positions beginning next year. Why do they make you do all these tests and questions that take up hours of your time? It sucks. I have even fewer friends in Melbourne than I thought. But the truth is there aren’t many people that I can stand for more than a couple of hours anyway.

Silence is golden.

I’m looking forward to:

  • buying a birthday cake for my 24th birthday this year (I haven’t had one since i turned 18 or 19!)
  • Traveling to Cairns in July (snorkeling the great barrier reef)
  • moving out of home very soon
  • meeting a decent guy
  • Graduating this year
  • Europe 2013
  • working full time and earning the big bucks

The honeymoon period of being back in Melbourne has well and truly worn off. I do love this city but it just pains me to be here. Like when your close friends turn into people that you hate. When you message 4-6 people to see if they want to hangout on a thursday night and no one can. When people cancel on plans at the last minute not knowing it was the only thing I was looking forward to all week. When I get in these shitty moods where I don’t want to see anyone/do anything except be miserable. When people get so obsessed about the trends/scene in Melbourne and I really couldn’t give a fuck about it. When it’s been weeks since my last real conversation. When you walk past me like we’re strangers.

Every now and again I just need to hear that things will be okay, but no one has told me this in a really long time.

I’ve been listening to this girl on youtube for awhile now. She covers some amazing songs!


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