Hearts/social network

25 Apr

These things make me happy.

  • starting a new novel
  • laying in bed with Binx
  • a freshly made bed
  • mornings when i don’t have to set my alarm
  • wanting someone to message and then they do
  • Tea
  • Silence
  • coming home to packages from online shopping
  • wearing lipstick
  • A good soy latte
  • reconnecting with old friends
  • Starting the day off listening to the cure
  • having things to look forward to
  • having the freedom and privilege to make my dreams come true

Feeling Posi. People can’t bring you down if you don’t let them.

Life is pretty boring at the moment. 3 weeks left on uni classes then the enevitably stressful weeks of exams. I will be completing my course in November which is both good and bad… mainly good.

My job is pretty good, just a really weird environment. I should be able to stick it out there until graduation. My wisdom teeth are killing me lately!! Sorting out my volunteering, so hopefully i can go on camp this winter and do some other fun recreational programs with children with disabilities. I can be very hard on myself most of the time but honestly I’m just a shy girl, with a big heart and nothing to prove, who feels completely misunderstood.


I don’t have twitter or tumblr.

I dislike Facebook and have a fake last name.

I just got instagram my username is :jacintaheart


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