May 16th

16 May

Brunch with Anita

Bed.Reading and my Mac ❤

Opened up the postal tube i mailed myself from Philly over 6 months ago the other day. TIH 2011 ❤

The Dream. English Cottage ❤

I’ll be reading this again over these holidays. Highly Recommend you ladies read it.

two years in a row! It’s a really good feeling when you are doing well at something you love.

So good. I’m still working on dressing “fashionably” but i definitely shop like an accountant. I ❤ eBay.

Tomorrow is my last day of classes for semester 1 2012. Then I just have a few weeks of studying/exams to get through.  This year is going so quick, I am looking forward to being on holidays and not feeling like most days are a waste. I’ve actually met a few decent people in Melbourne since i got back so it would be great to hangout with them more often over my break. I think reverse-culture shock had me pretty bummed for awhile but I’ve moved on from the past and have accepted that this is where I am at this point in time.


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