24 Jul

Missing PBR and Bud Light.

My girl when she was a puppy. RIP

Miss this face.

On a donkey trek to the valley of the kings, 2009

I need to pack my bags and get out of Melbourne. I can’t stand being here.

Looking forward to going back here next week for my final semester.


I wonder what it would be like to have at least 1 genuine friend who had similar interests. I wish i had a female friend that was vegan, enjoyed similar music as me, wanted to go to shows, was driven and goal oriented, enjoyed staying in watching movies/tv shows, was keen on going out for cocktails occasionally and especially wanted to travel the world with me. I’m planning on going overseas next year and it will probably end up being on my own as per usual. Zero emotional support/no one to confide in is getting old. Maybe it’s me? Sometimes i wish there was a way to go back and make different decisions from the beginning. I’m just miserable… what’s the point of living when you feel like you’re already dead.



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