Wisdom Pain

8 Sep

My overwhelming need to get out of this city/country has set in once again.

Secured my tickets for Alexisonfire final Melbourne show and Soundwave 2013. I first saw Alexisonfire in 2005 with my fake i.d. I wasn’t too keen on going cause i don’t listen to them anymore but after listening to a few of their older albums I decided I had to go.

one of my favorite hacked up old shirts.

Semester 2, 2012

versailles palace

Nice, France

Started watching this show.

Mean Girls like W&DB too!

Happy photos of celebrity couples make me smile. I kind of want this in my life, it would be amazing to have someone there for me and someone for me to spoil.


Spending too much money on online shopping, avoiding homework/assignments too much, bllaahhhh i just want to be working full time again and not feel stressed all the time.

Cruel Hand – Wisdom Pain Lyrics

Anxiety inside of me, I’m starting to bust.

Friends turn foe so easily, I need someone to fucking trust.

Can’t you see I need room to breathe and space is a must?

Everything I know to be crumbles to dust.

I can’t stop this, it’s beyond me. I have tried, are you not listening?

Reality and what’s “real to me” is what I cannot separate.

Choosing one over the other is the reason why I’m fucking late.

A window of opportunity smashed to bits and worthless to me.

Constant inconsistency- my only consistency.

So much wisdom in pain, so many lessons in hurt.

You learn from a loss so I’ll take on your worst.

Nothing can hit harder than my own regret

so I live with what I’ve done and know that I can’t forget.


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