French Vanilla

20 Sep

good times in Sydney

Burgerlicious was good.

I really like this bridge.

Melbourne Breakfast Tea.

That time Jess from the Veronicas liked my photos on Instagram

Captain Cooks Cottage. I hang out in Fitzroy Gardens a lot.

Berry Smoothie.

Business is my Business.

I feel very lucky that I am so independent and work hard for what I want. I wasn’t born into a wealthy family, I’m certainly not a genius and I’ve never been handed anything in life. All of my travels have been possible with my own hard earned money. I set goals and go for them. People spend too much time talking about what they want to do rather than actually doing it. The only thing in your way is yourself. I decided a long time ago that i would move to Germany and that’s why I know that it is going to happen, because I will make it happen. Lately with graduating just around the corner a lot of people/teachers are telling me what is possible, what isn’t, what type of jobs I should be going for and what steps i should be taking right now. I appreciate the advice but you telling me moving to Germany isn’t a good idea isn’t going to change my mind.


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