Living in the Present.

24 Sep

It’s a fact, I like being in control. I like thinking that my actions and decisions determine what my future holds. This is a huge reason I do not like mind-altering substances (including alcohol) because you lose that control. But it’s also a reason I can be anxious about the future, because I put too much of a emphasis on it. Right now I’m accepting the fact that my future is unknown and is not guaranteed. I cannot know what will happen next year or in 5 years from now and that’s okay. I have faith that what happens is meant to be. I believe I have a destiny. I want to leave this world knowing that I’ve made it a better place, that I’ve changed people’s lives for the better… even if it’s in a very small way.

This Movie has such a great message ❤

I don’t speak about the fact that I am catholic very often but lately I’ve heard a lot of Criticism of Christianity. It’s easy to make generalizations but I hope people are open to the fact that everyone is different. Personally, the number one lesson I’ve learnt from Catholicism is to love and respect all living things (including my animal friends). This is a huge reason I am vegan. This is why I support the recognition of gay marriages. This is why I respect other religions and cultures. People can surprise you… have an Open Mind.



I got to see Kevin McCloud in person yay!

me at rooftop bar



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