28 Sep

I have often referred to myself as a feminist and I am still very proud that I identify with this word to describe a certain person with a strong belief about how this world should be and how they are going to live their life.

To me it means freedom from the roles that society tries to force upon you.

To me it means being strong, independent, fearless, opinionated, passionate and empathetic.

In society it feels as though a woman’s worth is associated strongly with her marital status and whether or not she has children. This expectation puts unfair pressure on women who should just be able to live their lives the way they want.

A woman of an older age that is single is depicted as a desperate spinster who nobody wanted, whereas an older man that is single is seen as a playboy or career man that no woman was good enough to hold on to him.

In my workplace, there are males on my team who are less qualified than me but who earn more.

Celebrities that are female get such a hard time from the media about their bodies, relationships, fashion, sex lives, etc. whereas for men they focus on the good and don’t seem to put them down as much.

I have seen domestic violence against women in person several times and a long time ago I knew that I would never put myself in that position. I would never be controlled by a man or put down in that way.

I have been to countries where having a baby girl is seen as a curse, men have several wives who they treat terribly, women do not have the opportunity to study, vote or choose who they want to marry and places where there is a role women are required to fulfill.

If a woman decides to be a stay at home mum because that’s what she wants to do with all her heart than I support her, motherhood is a beautiful thing <3. What I oppose is women thinking that they need to have kids because that’s what’s expected of them once they are at a certain point in life.

Being a female has felt like a burden for most of my life.

I really don’t want a man to buy me dinner or shower me with gifts, I want him to be honest, respectful and open with me.

I want to be treated equally to a male. I want to be taken seriously. I want a man to appreciate my brain and soul not just my body. I want people to stop assuming I must be unhappy because I don’t have a boyfriend. Basically I just want to be free to chase my dreams and be myself.

I am truly blessed to have been born in Australia where females have many rights.

Sometimes with big issues like this you feel like you can’t make a difference but I will try. I will keep fighting for women all over the world.


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