Brussels and Bruges

15 Nov

My first time in Belgium was really enjoyable. Highlights included the free walking tour of the city Brussels, drinking Belgium beer, Delirium cafe, eating dark chocolate filled with pistachio cream, drinking beer at the skatepark, Belgian fries and the friends I made in this city.

I was speaking to a local college student and he said his favorite things about living in Brussels were the multiculturalism, acceptance of people for who they are and that the city is dirty but beautiful.

He said that they do not have believe in their government, kids stop going to high school because they don’t see it as worthwhile, it is hard to find work for young adults and that the locals are not particularly nice to tourists.

I didn’t particularly enjoy Bruges, it was a beautiful town but very touristy and small. I only went for a day trip and even that felt like too long. Perhaps I should have done a tour to learn about their history but everything just felt like a tourist trap.


IMG_4490 IMG_4493 IMG_4505

View of the city.

View of the city.


Delirium Cafe drinking beers.

Delirium Cafe drinking beers.

Tin Tin, Graffiti in Brussels.

Graffiti in Brussels.


Atomium, Brussels.

Atomium, Brussels.

The best Belgian Fries in Brussels!

The best Belgian Fries in Brussels!

Stock Exchange.

Stock Exchange.





Β IMG_4563





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