Friedhof (Cemetery)

31 Dec

Recently a friend of mine from work lost her Grandmother. It brought up some strong feelings for me, as I’ve never lost anyone super close to me before and I’m not sure how I would handle it. Death is a big concept that I try not to think about too often.

I have just two of my grandparents alive today, my mother’s parents. We are not very close and it’s a shame that we don’t know each other very well considering they have known me my whole life. In the past when they would visit I was so occupied with work or my social life that I didn’t make time for them. This is a reason I am glad to be returning to Australia. I plan to visit them and spend some quality time in Griffith. I don’t think they understand me, or particularly like me to be honest but the only way to get love is to give love. I will try to care for them, open up to them, cook for them and listen to their advice. I hope they are proud of me.


Anyway, after work the other week I was walking around Mitte and stumbled upon a Cemetery called Dorotheestädtisch-Friedrichswerderscher Friedhof. While traveling the world I often end up walking around in Cemetery’s as I find it very interesting how different cultures honor the dead. I was there for at least 30 minutes, reading names and dates and viewing small gifts people had left by the headstones of their lost loves. The dates for departing this Earth I saw ranged from the 1800’s to just April this year.

It sounds totally morbid, but nothing makes you feel more alive than hanging out around a whole lot of dead people. For me, it puts things into perspective, you realize what is really important and think about how you will be remembered when you do leave this Earth. No headstones mention that you were a good worker, or how much money you had. They never mention that you were super stylish, had a big house, or had lots of followers on Instagram. What is important is the love you gave to the people in your life, the fun you had, the people you were kind to and the way you lived.

Nobody is getting out of here alive, so live your dreams and connect with the people around you ❤ 


May you rest in peace. 


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