My 2015

1 Jan

I feel like 2 words can sum up my year: Berlin and Burritos. 

This whole year I lived in Berlin with Lia and spent 9 months working at Dolores rolling Burritos with great people.

Looking back to January I can see how much I have grown and learnt this year. The challenges of living in a foreign country where you don’t even speak their language and don’t know one person have shaped me and made me feel like I can take on anything.

I remember in January when people would speak to me in German out and about and I would have absolutely no idea what they were saying. And now, everyday people speak to me and I not only understand but can respond in German as well. Simple things like asking for the time, if I have a tissue for them, directions to a train station, etc. I don’t even know how it happened because so many times i left my German classes feeling like a failure but looking back I am proud. It is always nice when my colleagues at work notice my confidence in speaking German with customers and say how I am improving. I remember last month going to the Apotheke and having a whole conversation in German about getting some cold medicine including my symptoms, price, how to take them, how often, etc. I felt so happy knowing that all the words I need are in my head, it just takes a bit of time to bring them all together. I am nowhere near fluent but one day I will be ❤

Yesterday was my final day working at Dolores. Although I’ve had many issues with management at this place, it has been very special to me and I am blessed to have had the experience of working there. It was exactly what I needed. I’ve been sitting at a desk for work since I was 18 years old. This job I was on my feet, physically doing things, communicating with people constantly, practicing my German and being face to face with customers. I remembered that it’s not important what you are doing, just how you do it. I tried to always make beautiful “Instagramable” burritos and smile at the customers because I want them to have a great experience at Dolores. I have loved Burritos for a long time so I want other people to love them as well.


My spiritual growth has been a stand out point for this year. Having so much free time due to working less and having only a couple of friends close by means I’ve had lots of time to meditate, journal, read, reflect and learn. My willingness to accept changes, go with the flow and be present each day without fearing the future will benefit me greatly in the future. I am grateful for this time to work on myself and realize that the outside world is a reflection of my internal condition. #Spiritjunkie
My faith in God and the universe is as strong as ever and I truly believe that what is meant for me cannot miss me.

In 2 weeks I will leave Berlin for my next adventure. When one chapter ends, it is important not to dwell and think about all the things you will miss but to focus on the positives of beginning a new chapter. I don’t know what 2016 will bring me but I think it will be an amazing year full of love and new experiences.
Sending love to you all  XO

My 5 Goals for 2016:

  • Give more time and energy to good causes
  • Make exercise part of my routine
  • Begin building my share portfolio
  • Complete B1 Deutsch
  • Complete my novel



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