Top 10 Vegan Food in Berlin

20 Jan
      Berlin is the vegan capital of Europe and offers more places to eat vegan than any other in the world. So although there are hundreds of choices, here are my top 10 places to eat in Berlin after over 1 year of living in this city!
      They are in no particular order and I will update in the future if they are no longer open.
  1. Ohlala
    An all vegan french patisserie located in Friedrichshain. Great crepes, desserts, a free slice of cake if it’s your birthday and a great place to sit and chat over coffee and cake.
    Mainzer Str. 18, 10247 Berlin


    Giant Macaroon.

    Nutella Crepe with vanilla ice cream.

    Nutella Crepe with vanilla ice cream.

  2. Vivo Pizza/Zeus Pizza & Pide
    Vivo is my local pizza place. They offer a tasty vegan pizza for just 1.95 euro. They don’t offer vegan cheese or mock meat but the pizza has a thick crust, topped with broccoli, corn and other veggies and is oily like pizza should be.
    Sonnenallee 67, Neukölln

    Vivo Pizza!

    Vivo Pizza!

    Zeus Pizza is in Friedrichshain and offers both meat and vegan options. They have vegan cheese and mock meats but the pizza just isn’t my style. It’s huge but very thin crust and goes cold quickly. I’ve tried a few different pizza’s and they are all rather boring/don’t have enough vegetables. The pizza’s are also quite expensive at around 6-9 euro. But still, VEGAN PIZZA!
    Boxhagener Str. 29-30, 10245 Berlin

  3. Shakespeare & Sons
    A Cafe with water boiled bagels with a few different vegan spreads (vegan cream cheese, peanut butter & jelly, hummus & oil), english books and great coffee 🙂 Their bagels are delicious and this is a favorite hangout spot for me in Berlin.
    Warschauer Str. 74, 10243 Berlin
  4. Kontor
    A Vegan ice creamery that also offer milkshakes, donuts, etc.
    Really interesting flavors and a place you have to visit in the summer time.

    Danziger Str. 65, 10435 Berlin
  5. No Milk Today
    A cute vegan cafe with great snacks, cakes, coffee, etc. Reasonably priced and a great atmosphere.
    Fichtestraße 3, 10967 Berlin
  6. Let It Be
    A vegan burger and CRÊPERIE located in Neukölln. They have delicious burgers, mac n cheese, pancakes, cakes, donuts from Brammibals every Friday and serve alcohol. A little on the expensive side for Neukölln but it was always a nice treat.
    Treptower Str. 90, 12059 Berlin
  7. Sahara Imbiss
    This chain of Sudanese Imbiss’ has a few locations around Kreuzberg & Neukölln. They serve the absolute BEST falafel in Berlin and their Peanut sauce is simply amazing. A regular falafel here costs 2.50 euro and they also have options with tofu or a plate (teller) which is a larger serving. The places are not very cosy or large, it’s more of a grab your falafel and leave kind of place.
  8. Lily Burger
    They offer both meat and vegan options. The burgers are around the 10 euro mark but super delicious and a large portion. I always got the seitan burger with vegan cheese. This is the best quality vegan burgers I found in Berlin and a good place to eat with friends.
    Urbanstraße 70, 10967 Berlin
  9. Pho Hoi 
    Delicious Vietnamese restaurant with a nice atmosphere and a whole page of vegan options clearly labelled. Large portions and good value at around 5-8 euro. This would be a good place to go on a date or take your parents as it is really clean and fancy for Berlin standards.
    Skalitzer Str. 95A, 10997 Berlin
  10. Dolores
    I have to mention my old work place Dolores. They do the best vegan Burritos in Berlin and I really do enjoy their food. The vegan friend with Guac is good, my favorite is the vegan lover or you can make your own burrito selecting the different vegan options. I was a loyal customer before I started working here so you can trust my opinion.
    There are 2 locations one in Mitte and the other at Wittenburgplatz.

    Dolores Salad. No cheese & with Smokey Corn soy meat.

    Dolores Salad. Avocado & Lime dressing, no cheese & with Smokey Corn soy meat.

Honorable mentions to the following places:

  • Cupcakes Berlin
  • Pele Mele
  • Goodies
  • Cafe Vux
  • Goura Pakora
  • Charlie’s Asian Bakery
  • Yellow Sunshine



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