Silver Linings and Life Advice

21 May

I found this hand written note in a storage box at my parents place the other week.

My aunt (my father’s twin) wrote me this note in 2003, the last year I saw her. I know it killed her that she couldn’t afford to buy me gifts for my birthdays or Christmas’s but she gave me this advice and I have never forgotten it.

‘Sometimes darling life is hard and not fair but trust me it will pass. There is always a silver lining.’Ā 

It meant a lot to me because I knew she had a tough life, she was a single mother who struggled financially & mentally. I thought that if she said the bad times will pass then it must be true.


Family is such a weird and difficult relationship. I miss her, I wonder if she thinks of me. If I was so special to her why would she ignore us all this time? Too many years have passed. People slip away and then it’s almost impossible for them to come back.

I just had to preserve this note and type down my feelings about being abandoned by the ones I thought would always be around.


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