TheOtherSide. – Written in August 2016

12 Feb

Life update: I recently started a new job as Finance Manager for a global tech company. I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity and I know that the universe was listening to me all along! I spent months apply for jobs knowing that the right one was out there for me and I really didn’t want to settle for less. I even applied for a temporary collections role and thought I would have to do something like that just to get by while searching for my dream job but my dream job came along right in time in June 2016.

Just a few months ago I had returned to Melbourne from living in Berlin for over 1 year. I was in debt, on centrelink, in poor health, unemployed, living with my parents again, feeling pretty low and honestly struggled to find a reason to get out of bed most days. It was a really awful time in my life and I kept telling myself that things would be easier and improve with time. I never regretted coming home, I knew this was where I needed to be to make the next step forward with my life and achieve those goals I had set out for myself. Flash forward and I am happily employed, earning more money than ever before, I am officially studying the CPA Program, I recently completed my first Half-Marathon run, I’m in good health and I am taking steps to improve my life further. I am saying this in hopes that if you ever find yourself in that same position, with very little to hold on to other than your sense of self worth and your faith in the universe please know that what you seek is seeking you. Everything happens for a reason ❤



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